p a u s e . B R E A T H E . f e e l .


I have found yoga to be... A space to breathe, a door to the present moment, a close friend that listens and a reflection of my current reality. It brings you home. Yoga is not only about the physical poses, it is the lens which everything enters through and is the eternal teacher for how we choose to receive and react to what shows up in each moment. The asanas (poses) present opportunities for us to practice how we want to respond once we step off of our mats and into the unknown. On the mat we find and build strength, softness, devotion, concentration, love and acceptance. My classes focus on your inner self awareness, asking you to {Pause. Breathe. Feel} and then to hold the space for whatever shows up without judgement and with a lot of LOVE. I guide you to intentionally connect with your breathe, refine your poses with attention to alignment and offer you an invitation to transmute obstacles into opportunities. Deep bows to the teacher within us all and to the teachers that have graced my path. Om <3

With over 400 hours of training, I continue to study and expand my offerings in service to all. I am currently assisting & working towards becoming a 500 RYT with Janet Stone Yoga. Early on, I discovered practices that move at a slower pace and are not only gentle on the body, but also soothe the nervous system and the overstimulated spinning mind through inviting you to connect with deep inner silence and explore doing less. Restorative and yin yoga are my heartsong. I am a certified Level 1 "Relax and Renew Trainer" through Judith Hanson Lasater's training program. I have also studied with Cindy Meiri and am a reiki practitioner. Most recently, I completed Jane Austin’s Level 1 Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga Training.

Currently, I work with Headstand, The Art of Yoga Project, and Niroga to bring yoga & mindfulness to incarcerated teens, youth in schools, women in recovery & other rehabilitative facilities.

I am a lover of lists, traveling, live music, sacred space, the mystical, nourishing food & tea, herbal medicine, ecstatic dance, the outdoors, hiking and the ocean! You can most likely find me engaged with one of these...

With Love & Gratitude,

Ally Devi