A sacred pause.


… slowing down

… doing less

… seeking silence

… finding stillness

all whilst being very, very comfortable.

Restorative yoga is the use of props to support the body in positions that create comfort and ease thus enabling you to release tension, stress and worry. In this practice, there is no rush and it is not about how many poses we can do. Instead, it is about teaching ourselves a different way of being, one that goes against the grain of modern day productivity and reminds us that there is profound value in the non-doing as a way to nourish and soothe our nervous system and whole self. We move luxuriously slow and give ourselves ample time in each shape to stay and experience the magic of the pose and the rest it offers. We expand the spaciousness within our body through the gentle openings created as well as in our mind as we focus our attention on breath and loving awareness. Still, it is a practice and as with any practice it takes effort to receive what we all are seeking, radical acceptance.

… disconnecting to reconnect

— with your own inner world —

Some benefits of restorative yoga:

  • balance the nervous system

  • quiet the mind

  • increases flexibility

  • boosts immune system

  • lowers blood pressure

  • improves quality of sleep

  • lessens stress and anxiety

  • encourages mindfulness, inquiry and meditation

Classes are for everyone. The practice is accessible to anyone and can always be modified to meet your needs. I teach weekly classes at Ocean Yoga (see classes page for details) as well as do private sessions.