I teach yoga to youth of all ages and would love to bring yoga & mindfulness to your school. Studies and research show these practices positively influence and benefit students of all ages, especially those affected by trauma. Self-regulation, improved concentration, higher grades & less toxic stress are some of the many advantages to this work. I work in school settings with whole classes, 1-1, or in small groups with students to teach mindful presence, breathing, emotional regulation and movement. Through my work with many different organizations and as a full time yoga & mindfulness teacher I have seen how impactful these skills can be. I also work with teachers to address how they can incorporate these same practices into their own lives so that it informs their teaching and school culture. 

For rates, availability & more information please reach out to me: allydevis@gmail.com

Ally has a magical way of engaging our students and meeting them exactly where they’re at. She is masterful at creating fun, engaging sequences that keep even the youngest of kids engaged. She creates a space where her students feel comfortable to move, share, and grow. Above all, Ally is a model of mindfulness. She is calm and peaceful in the face of inevitable challenges. She is a true asset to all of her students and colleagues.
— Shyla B., Program Manager, Headstand